• Excursion with Robocat  Moravian Gallery in Brno –  Pražák palace 

    our Robocat will guide you through the ART IS HERE permanent exhibition, meeting point on the 1st floor at the chute

  • Artothek – Art Lending Library  Moravian Gallery in Brno –  Pražák palace 

    workshop in the library with worksheets by the illustrator Patrik Antczak with Dominika Halvová

  • sprayer workshop inspired by the painting The Head of Medusa by P. P. Rubens in collaboration with the Start-Art school   Moravian Gallery in Brno –  Governor’s Palace 

  • Guided tour Prison

    The Old City Prison is a remarkable building with a history dating back to the end of the 18th century. During the 20th century, political executions of opponents of Nazism and communism took place there. The tour route during Brno Museum Night will be shortened (30 minutes): prison yard No. 3, former workhouse, chapel, death row, and yard No. 1 (with place of execution) to be viewed from the entrance.

  • Rajlich's Pencil Case  Moravian Gallery in Brno –  Pražák palace 

    workshop in the Game Room inspired by the graphic art of Jan Rajlich

  • Accompanying program  Mahen Memorial Jiří Mahen – Library in Brno 

     free tour of the reconstructed villa, interactive exposition, Jiří Mahen's study and garden.

  • Exhibitions: South Moravian Regional Authority

    Antonín Vojtek – oilpaintings inspired by South Moravia​​​​​​​Antonín Vojtek, painter and graphic artist, was born in 1934 in Horní Bojanovice. He lives and works in Břeclav. He is called „Painter of South Moravia“.

    Tereza Buchtová – food carving: decorative fruit and vegetable carvingTereza Buchtová is student of Gemini secondary school and winner of food carving competition IKA/Culinary Olympics in Stuttgart.

  • Programme:  South Moravian Regional Authority

    6 p.m.–11 p.m. / Tours with guide (in czech) / representative rooms / view from the roof (in case of nice weather)

    ONLINE booking of tour is required. The booking system will be opened on 28th July.

    Follow the Facebook and website of South Moravian Region www.jmk.cz where a link for online booking will be published in advance.

  • The old town hall is surrounded by many legends.  Old Townhall Lookout Tower

    One of them tells a story about the creator of the Gothic portal, architect and sculptor Anton Pilgram. The most famous stuff of legends are the well-known Brno dragon and the Brno wheel. These unique symbols of the city are displayed directly in the passageway of the building.From the 63-metre-high tower, you will get the opportunity to view Brno from a unique perspective.


    • Lyronoši, přiškrcení slavíci a buditelky rána (Lyre-holders, Strangled Nightingales, and Wakers of the Morning) / Daniela and Linda Dostálkovy, Katarína Hládeková, Sara Bown Kasanová, Simona Koutná, Katarína Poliačiková, Jakub Ra, Eva Rybářová, Iveta Schovancová / Galerie U Dobrého pastýře (The Good Shepherd Gallery).

    • Snění o práci 09 (Dreaming about Work 09) / podtitul Nahodilost ve for loop (For Loop Contingency) / Filip Hauer / Galerie mladých (Young Artists’ Gallery)

    • Darius Kazemi / Galerie Kontext (KonText Gallery)

    • Ladislav Mirvald / #černáskříňka2020 (#blackbox2020) / facade of the TIC Gallery

  • Library Moravian Gallery in Brno –  Pražák palace 

    browsing through interesting publications on art

  • Experiment of Dr. Weisenstein Moravian Gallery in Brno –  Governor’s Palace 

    experiential programme with fantasy elements introducing visitors to the history of the Governor's Palace / limited number of seats, reservations via GoOut server

  • Guided tour of the Mendelianum permanent exhibition Mendel Museum of Masaryk University

    Programme Mendelianum

  • 10:00—19:00 Changes of Masaryk Square Šlapanice Museum

    Temporary exhibition

    The square has changed over the years. Many buildings are no longer standing, nooks have disappeared and some monuments have been forgotten. This outdoor exhibition commemorates the way our ancestors viewed the Masaryk Square.

  • 10:00—19:00 Mysteries? Cabinet of Curiosities Šlapanice Museum

    Temporary exhibition

    Do you dare to uncover mysteries from our storerooms, which are rarely viewed by public? We have prepared an exhibition exclusively from the Museum of Brno Region’s collections for you. Discover enigmatic objects, whose purposes seem mysterious at first sight but often conceal unexpected stories. Come and investigate, research and create your own hypothesises.

  • 10:00—19:00 The Story of the Doll Šlapanice Museum

    Temporary exhibition

    Have you ever thought about the possibility that dolls may have their own stories? Join us on a journey into their enchanting world and take a look at extraordinary porcelain, wax or boudoir dolls from the 1920s and 1930s. Do you remember Habesanek, Raggedy Ann or Zuzanka? We are also exhibiting Czechoslovakian dolls, that you may be familiar with from your childhood. Bring your little ones, so they can enjoy themselves in our big interactive playroom and participate in acreative workshop.

  • 13:00—18:00 Puzzlehunt Game in the Masaryk Square Šlapanice Museum

    Explore the Masaryk Square, where our museum is located. Examine copies of old photographs, find the clues, test your wits and try a fun historic workout. Children ages 7 and up are welcome.

  • 13:00—18:00 Workshop for Children - The Story of the Doll Šlapanice Museum

    At our creative workshop we will get inspired by dolls from our current exhibitionand kids will create a doll themed craft to take home. Workshop is suitable evenfor very young children.

  • 15:00 Reading of an Original Fairytale Šlapanice Museum

    Reading starts at 3PM and 5PM

    Get comfortable, cock your ear and listen to Emilka’s incredible story. An adventure awaits the museum’s Doll Emilka. Without giving too much away we can tell you that the story involves dramatic events with bandits from Šlapanice. This exciting fairytale was written by Lenka Žaliová from The Museum of literaturein Moravia, which is one of the branches of the Museum of Brno Region.

  • 15:00—16:00 CURRENT EXHIBITION(S): Industra Art

    Jan Bražina, Adam Hejduk Curator: Kristýna Gajdošová

    PROGRAM: ​​​​​​​INDUSTRA ART+STAGE+LAB+COFFEE are here all day and night for you! You can look forward to creative workshops, theatre performances, great coffee and much more

  • 16:00—23:00 Exhibition VIDA! science centrum

    over 180 playable exhibits – a giant heart, bike on tightrope, ocean in a bottle, hydrogen rocket, magnetic statue, fighter jet pilot simulator, etc.

  • 16:00—24:00 The Brno Museum Night programme  ART Cinema

    Even though the Art Cinema in Brno has been entertaining people for more than one hundred years, it still remains a “young” cinema—come and see for yourself. Just like every year, you can look forward to seeing a combined programme of film and video games, for children and adults, from all-time favourites to new works. The Brno Museum Night programme of the Art Cinema can be found at www.kinoart.cz.

  • 16:00—22:30 Power of Elements VIDA! science centrum

    checkpoints with experiments representing four natural elements / experience earthquake, discover quicksands, get familiar with a geyser, learn to make a fire by different ways, produce your own rainbow, and create an unusual blowing pinwheel

  • 16:00—23:00 (Un)limited VIDA! science centrum

    Try life of a disabled person.

  • 17:00 Quiz about the Town of Šlapanice Šlapanice Museum

    How well do you know Šlapanice? Test your knowledge in our quiz! This fun quiz wasprepared in cooperation with the Šlapanice Town Library. Teams of two to five personsare welcome to play. You are going to enjoy topics such as Šlapanice’s history, cultureand traditions but we will also dabble in a bit of museum themed trivia.

  • 17:00—17:30 Elemental show  VIDA! science centrum

    outdoor performance with experiments

  • 17:00 Promenade with Strollers The Podhorácké Museum

  • 18:00—19:00 Commented tour of the current exhibitions House of Arts Brno

    only in Czech

  • 18:00—24:00 Anna Hulačová: Eating Planet House of Arts Brno

    Curator: Marika Svobodová

    The exhibition will showcase the latest works by the sculptor Anna Hulačová, who traditionally approaches her projects as complex installations for the specific exhibition space. For the Procházka Room of the Brno House of Arts she created a group of loosely composed concrete figurative sculptures thematising the motif of collaboration between man and technology, in particular agricultural and various other machines. Compared to her previous work where she was mainly concerned with the subject of collectivisation in relatively recent Czech history, in this case she examines the relationship at a more general level, balancing the utopian vision of a harmonious co-existence of nature and industry with the current situation of a world on the brink of dystopia. References to cultural history, be it ancient tradition, folklore motifs, art brut or inter-war modernism, particularly works by Otto Gutfreund and Ladislav Zívr, constitute the artist’s favourite repertory and form the reference points which enable us to reflect upon our present time. Hulačová's figurative sculptural work, emphasising the properties of the material employed, whether it is concrete, wood or wax, is an example that a traditional sculptural format can speak the language of contemporary art and express through it topical social issues.

  • 18:00—24:00 Exhibition Dedicated to the 200th Anniversary of Napoleon's Death  The Cairn of Peace Memorial

    Temporary exhibition

  • 18:00—24:00 „Austerlitz“ Phenomen The Cairn of Peace Memorial

  • 18:00—24:00 The Battle of the Three Emperors. Slavkov / Austerlitz 1805 The Cairn of Peace Memorial

  • 18:00—21:00 Self-service educational sheets on the history of the House of Arts Brno House of Arts Brno

    only in Czech

  • 18:00—23:30 Permanent exposition and temporary exposition Zetor Gallery

    PERMANENT EXPOSITION:Exposition of current and historical ZETOR tractors

    TEMPORARY EXPOSITION:ZETOR 75 - Exposition dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the ZETOR brand

    Pedal tractors and slalom track for the smallest visitors

    Fun quizzes, creative stands

  • 18:00—24:00 Bohuslava Olešová: A Thirst For The Infinite House of Arts Brno


    Curator: Jana Vránová


    The work of Bohuslava Olešová, embracing paintings, spatial installations, site-specific projects and actions is multi-faceted and highly creative, yet compact. It contains several positions which are interrelated and are based on ideologically consistent artistic principles. Olešová creates loose sequences of cycles. The nature of the visual means applied is not just aesthetically significant, but is indicative of the determinants that delimit and impact human life, which we have to abide by and respect. She uses painting as a vehicle to penetrate the very essence of life and the actions that we are part of, she studies the relationships between life on earth, the energies and the position of man in cosmos, man as a unique individuality dependent on the space and time in which one exists. Her work grows from intersecting ideas and beliefs regarding the meaning and values of human life, and knowledge from various scientific disciplines. It can be equally perceived as a meditation on the position of man in the contemporary world and the universe.Painting is a reflection of the artist’s opinions and convictions concerning the meaning and values of human life, while her philosophical and literary contexts suggest a simile related to experiences and cognition, and an imprint of the subconscious.

    Works by Bohuslava Olešová radiate an energy that the artist considers one of the prime movers affecting human life. The colourful palette of her paintings and drawings often has both a visual impact and, perhaps more importantly, symbolic significance.

  • 18:00—24:00 RE_PREZENTATION 2021 House of the Lords of Kunštát

    Exhibition of master's degree works of the FFA / Organizer: Faculty of Fine Arts – Brno University of Technology

    Curators: Svätopluk Mikyta, Luděk Rathouský

    Representation is a concept of the theory of signs. Put simply, it is a relation between two entities - the one that represents, i.e. the representing one, and the one that is represented. It is common to see works of art as signs the meanings of which are subject to an interpretation. If the works of art did not represent anything, it would not be possible to interpret them, they would be about nothing, they would be empty, uninteresting. The starting point for our participation in this year's exhibition of the FFA graduates is the fact that it is a well-established exhibition of all degree works originated in the given year on the premises of the Faculty. We do not have an ambition to evaluate individual works or regroup them into new categories and give them a thematic coverage. The range of individual departments represented by their studio affiliation and by diversity of their approaches with an emphasis on freedom of expression also predicts the freedom of presentation of these last study works.
  • 18:00—23:30 Café Löw-Beer  Löw-Beer Villa

  • 18:00—21:00 every hour guided tours of the villa   Löw-Beer Villa

    (40 min)

  • 18:00—21:45 workshop for children Löw-Beer Villa

  • 18:00—23:30 Villa Löw-Beer: The Youth Home   Löw-Beer Villa

  • 18:00—23:30 The World of the Brno Bourgeoisie between Löw-Beer and Tugendhat Löw-Beer Villa

  • 18:00—21:00 Self-service educational sheet on the object Gonflable by Hans Kupelwieser House of the Lords of Kunštát

  • 18:00—23:00 People and Money Czech National Bank, Brno

    The exhibition "People and Money" in Brno, created in cooperation with the Moravian Museum, is located in the building and either of the Mortgage Bank of the Moravian Margraviate and today the Czech National Bank. It offers a unique view of the history of the development of money and presents the comprehensive development of the currency in the Czech lands with emphasis on the different specifics of this phenomenon in Moravia. Visitors can view unique documents documenting the history of monetary policy, as well as currency, counterfeits and demonstrations of past and present money protection. Furthermore, audiovisual programs, presentations with interactive content and expert explanations are prepared for visitors.

    Entry allowed from 6 pm, last entry at 11 pm

    The conditions of entry will be adjusted according to the current government regulation with regard to the development of the epidemiological situation in the Czech Republic

  • 18:00—23:30 Oceans Train Post Museum


    3D film from wild nature, included in the price of the permanent exhibition ticket, limited seating capacity

    Programme inside the centre

  • 18:00—24:00 General Kutuzov soldiers at The Cairn of Peace Memorial  The Cairn of Peace Memorial

    (soldierly camp)

    Commented infantry and artillery training with shooting

    Field infirmary – demonstration of the work of a military doctor

    Horseback riding possibility

    Tasting of 19th century dishes

    Singing of 19th century songs

    + Refreshments in the museum cafe

  • 18:00—21:00 Jan Rajlich – Art & Design Moravian Gallery in Brno –  Pražák palace 

    guided tour with the exhibition curator Marta Sylvestrová

  • 18:00—22:00 Masaryk and the Holy Land  Jewish Museum, Brno

    exhibition tour

  • 18:00—23:30 NO Art / Bat Cave Cinema TIC Gallery

    An early evening programme in the NO Art cinema (Radnická 4, TIC Gallery) prepared by the Video Studio of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Brno. Guests will see special screenings of films and videos. The full programme will be published in advance on our social media and website www.galerie-tic.cz.

  • 18:00—23:00 Gallery backyard   TIC Gallery

    A peaceful oasis in the heart of Brno will not only amaze you with high-quality music, but it will also delight your taste buds and quench your thirst. Food, drinks, music – everything will be there. The full programme will be published in advance on our social media and website www.galerie-tic.cz.

  • 18:00—20:00 Gallery backyard / Workshop Hlína! (Clay Workshop!)  TIC Gallery

    Is a morning cup of coffee your favourite thing? And have you ever wondered where the actual thing—the cup—comes from, and who made it? Get to know the art of pottery and try to make your one-of-a-kind cup on a pottery wheel. Getting your hands dirty has never been more fun!

  • 18:00—23:00 Bookshop / Virtual Reality! TIC Gallery

    In virtual reality you can be anything, do anything, and make all your dreams come true. Just put on VR glasses, enter a completely different world, and—most importantly—have fun!

  • 18:00—24:00 Explosive Stands with experiments showing explosions which happen in nature, in the kitchen or in a laboratory Train Post Museum

    Programme around the building

  • 18:00—24:00  chill out zone with film screening of Steamboat Bill Jr. (Buster Keaton 1928) + music accompaniment by Tom Holič (live) Moravian Gallery in Brno –  Pražák palace 


  • 18:00—24:00 Excursion with Robocat  Moravian Gallery in Brno –  Pražák palace 

    our Robocat will guide you through the ART IS HERE permanent exhibition, meeting point on the 1st floor at the chute

  • 18:00 Performance by K. R. Banda The Podhorácké Museum

    5. května Square, Předklášteří

  • 18:00—22:00 ART IS HERE: New Art Moravian Gallery in Brno –  Pražák palace 

    guided tour with Dominika Halvová

  • 18:00—20:00 ART IS HERE: Modern Art   Moravian Gallery in Brno –  Pražák palace 

    guided tour with Petr Ingerle

  • 18:00—24:00 Jaromír Novotný: Other Things held Constant House of Arts Brno

    Curator: Marika Svobodová

    The exhibition of the paintings of Jaromír Novotný will present a selection from the contemporary and earlier creations by the artist. Through minute shifts in abstract monochrome painting his cycles capture a number of themes with the common denominator of examining the fundamental phenomena of a painting. An elementary study of the surface, paint, space, shape, gesture or outline rendered with austere means of painting and non-painting in Novotný’s works carries, simultaneously, an aspect of physicality and an almost existential statement. The intuitive, organic incrementation of the painting by adding or inserting pieces of canvas by sewing, together with the visible seams and pleats, reveals a work in the process of making with its haptic properties and imperfections, thus evoking a physical experience. Reduction, transparency and colour as other important components of paintings lead our attention towards our own way of seeing and an ability to perceive and learn about the world through our senses. Novotný’s oeuvre is loosely connected with cognition theory, specifically with the philosophy of Merleau-Ponty called the phenomenology of perception (corporeity). According to this philosophy the world and things are revealed to us ‘by themselves’ and we perceive them via our senses, through our own body.

  • 18:00—22:00 Projection of VR films Virtual expedition of the Brno Zoo

     Promítání VR filmůZažijte setkání s divokou přírodou na vlastní kůži. Staňte se součástí divoké přírody. Setkejte se s divokými zvířaty ve virtuální realitě.V rámci Brněnské muzejní noci promítání VR filmů 1+1 zdarma.Cena promítání 130 Kč.

  • 18:00—22:00 Shamanic drums, costumes and masks Diocesan Museum

    Programme in the pavilion

  • 18:00—22:00 Permanent exhibition Diocesan Museum

    The Life and Works of Leoš Janáček

  • 18:00—22:00 Thematic music accompaniment – DJ Mr Dody (Egypt) Diocesan Museum

    Programme in front of the pavilion

  • 18:00—20:00 Rafani – Caligari Jumping Castle  Moravian Gallery in Brno –  Pražák palace 

  • 18:00—18:30 Encryption Game Art Is Here Moravian Gallery in Brno –  Pražák palace 

    more information at the box office of the Pražák Palace

  • 18:00—24:00 Bookshop Artmap, children's corner and Mutter Café Fait gallery

  • 18:00—24:00 interactive Kašpárek's game room Museum of literature in Moravia


  • 18:00—24:00 Old Slavonic and Moravian literature of the 9th - 18th Centuries Museum of literature in Moravia

  • 18:00—24:00 every hour guided tours of the historical library Museum of literature in Moravia

  • 18:00—24:00 The Universe of Rudo Prekop Museum of literature in Moravia

    Temporary exhibition

  • 18:00—24:00 Moravian Literature of the 19th - 20th Century Museum of literature in Moravia

  • 18:00—24:00 Innovator Ladislav Novák Museum of literature in Moravia

    Temporary exhibition

  • 18:00 Permanent exhibition Mendel Museum of Masaryk University

    The Origins of Man and the Rise of Culture

  • 18:00—24:00 Assembly Hall, Knights' Hall

    free tour​​​​​​​

  • 18:00 Introductory lecture to the permanent exhibition Brno, a Suburb of Vienna Moravian Gallery in Brno –  Governor’s Palace 

  • 18:00—24:00 Man in the Theater of the World. Human Life in the Mirror of Baroque Literature Museum of literature in Moravia

    Temporary exhibition

  • 18:00—24:00 Historical Benedictine Library Museum of literature in Moravia

  • 18:00—19:30  DNO Theatre – The Cunning Little Vixen  Moravian Gallery in Brno –  Governor’s Palace 

    performance for children in the courtyard

  • 18:00—24:00 Presentation of outcomes from international online workshops  ​​​​​​​Vašulka Kitchen Brno

    VECTOR SYNTHESIS led by Derek Holzer - participants explored the relationship between sound and image. The result is projections of digital artworks created with contemporary computer graphics, but also with contemporary laser imaging techniques. The workshop was inspired by the artwork of artists such as Mary Ellen Bute, Nam June Paik, Stein and Woody Vasulka, and Gary Hill.

    DATA ORCHESTRA led by Jiří Suchánek - the workshop introduced participants to the principles of sonification and their use in their work, creating their own datasets and then algorithms converting selected datasets into sound structures in Max/msp environments. During Brno Museum Night, sound performances by participants will be presented.

  • 18:00 INVISIBLE - the nomadic theater Mikro performance - show suitable for children aged five and over   Mahen Memorial Jiří Mahen – Library in Brno 

    when no one sees you, you can fully enjoy life. Let yourself get carried away by the story full of excitement! Screenplay and direction: Juliána Vališková; starring: Lucie Hrochová and Tereza Sikorová

  • 18:00—24:00 Current exhibition ​​​​​​​Vašulka Kitchen Brno

    A new selection of digital prints by Woody Vašulka from the Lucifer's Commission series and, after a long break, Vašulka Kitchen Brno will exhibit a unique audio-visual installation by the Vašulka couple: Light Revisited – Noisefields.

    A new selection of Woody Vasulka's digital prints from his 1977-2003 Lucifer Commission series, in which the artist recorded scans of computer circuit boards found in various stages of destruction in a warehouse in the backyard of his Santa Fe home. The hardware prints can be read as diagrams depicting the hidden and autonomous workings of the machines that fascinated the Vasulkas both.

    The Vasulkas' unique audio-visual installation, Light Revisited - Noisfields, will also be on view again after an extended period of time. The video-environment, created by projecting pulsating circles formed by electronic signals onto the walls of the room, is Woody's 3D transformation of the 1974 collaborative video Noisefields. Noisefields records the birth of a video-image from an electronic signal, it is electronic visual music and a sounding image at the same time.The electronic image consists of two parts - a circle in the centre and a background filling the rest of the screen. The two components of the image constantly pulse in sync with the sound generated by the activity of the electronic device. One of the parts always displays pulsating colour and the other the rough, unstructured material of the video - the 'video noise'.

  • 18:00—24:00 Medieval Scriptorium and History of the Rajhrad Monastery Museum of literature in Moravia

  • 18:00—22:00 Art workshops for children and adults Fait gallery

    The teaching department of LES (Laboratory for Education and Synergy) prepared artistic activities following the works presented at the ongoing exhibitions and presenting the work of the presented authors. The price is already included in the entrance fee to the exhibitions (20 CZK).

  • 18:00—24:00 David Možný / Blink of an Eye Fait gallery

    Obstinately precise technical rendering accentuating detail. Emphasis on direct, sensory experience and an almost physical effect on the viewer. Spectacularly shared doubts over the distinction of the borders between reality and illusion, between machine algorithms of a virtual environment and a fluid reality. These are the main attributes in the work of David Možný. Curator: Pavel Švec.

  • 18:00—24:00 An Interactive mobile application for Brno by Petr Svárovský  ​​​​​​​Vašulka Kitchen Brno

    Viewpoints is an art project based on the use of available technologies (GPS coordinates) in the context of landscape perception. It focuses on the relationship between the temporary, physical, local space and the infinite, virtual and ever-present infosphere and our overuse of mobile phones to the detriment of our perception of reality. The combination of these two spheres in an interactive app shapes an experience that allows app users to perceive and discover the places they visit in new ways.

    The project was originally designed for a specific location in Norway, but is applicable and transferable to any location. The aim of the app is to create a platform where viewers and participants use a free mobile app to discover and create their own viewpoints in a city or landscape. The emerging and growing database of points is linked to a physical visit to the place, where the app will offer extended information about the point, presented in the form of a poetic record reflecting the nature and feeling of the place, from interesting facts about geology, botany and ornithology, to local stories and legends. 

    The app, open to the public during the museum night, will already include a number of records created during the workshop with artists and authors in the previous week. Further additions and expansions will be made for viewers to wander around the already marked vantage points while creating new ones. Part of creating a new vantage point is a poetic description of the place, which should evoke an emotion, a felt experience of a particular place in the other participants. 

    Petr Svárovský (1962) is an artist and author working in the field of new media and virtual reality. Recently, he has been interested in the technological possibilities and use of mobile phones and apps as a means for virtual and physical experiences shaped by collective participation and strategies aimed at pushing the boundaries of art beyond the normally defined territory. 

  • 18:00—24:00 Kristián Németh / Warm Greetings Fait gallery

    The solo exhibition Warm Greetings presents the latest work of the Slovak visual artist Kristián Németh. In his project called Warm Greetings he examines the subjects of supreme power, unshakeable external interventions, social norms, pressure and expectations affecting an individual or a group in the modern world. Curator: ​​​​​​​Michal Stolárik.

  • 18:00—24:00 Petr Veselý / A Knife in the Cupboard Fait gallery

    Petr Veselý handles words as naturally as he does pictures. He develops both from the intersections of the seen/the heard, the touched/the thought. The seeming lightness of these combinations offsets the weight of the material to which the artist always returns and in which his works are anchored. If we understand the creative process as the layering of meanings, Petr Veselý’s work embodies a paradox, evidence of radical subtraction. Curator: Barbora Kundračíková.

  • 18:00—23:30 Fresco hall with painting by I. Mayer Jr. Summerhouse Mitrovský

  • 18:00—23:300 Tours of an authentic interior made in the style of a common working day of the Train Post Office crew in 1989 Train Post Museum

    Meeting with the author of the book The Train Robbery in the Czech Manner Petr Študent. 

    The photo competition : the best photo of the post car. Rules on the web of the museum.

  • 18:00—22:40 Cimbalom ensemble of Josef Fečo with first violin Ivan Herák

    Programme in front of the museum

  • 18:00—23:30   Diocesan Museum

    Permanent exhibitionVita Christi - The Life of Christ

    Exposition of Sacral Architecture in the Brno Diocese - Zahrady pod Petrovem, Petrov 1

    Current exhibitionsSales exhibition of contemporary Christian art - Petrov 1

    Charm and Lopota - crypt of the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul

    Program18.00−23.30 / Vita Christi - The Life of Christ - Sacral Art of the Brno Diocese

    18.00−22.00 / Glamor and Lopota / Arts and crafts in Petrov

    18.30−21.00 / Animals in the Bible / Children's ride around the cathedral

    18.00−22.00 / Open Cathedral / Time for evening contemplation

    18.00−22.00 / Open towers of the cathedral - View of the evening Brno (separate entrance fee 20 CZK)

    19.00; 21.00 / Organ Concerts - Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul

  • 18:00—22:00 Make a notebook with Little Books Fait gallery

    Creative workshop for paper lovers of all ages. In the workshop, you will learn to sew a workbook using upcycling. Scraps of beautiful graphic papers will serve as material, which you will save from the container. We will provide all the needs. You take the notebook and the griff home. Price 100 CZK.www.littlebooks.cz

  • 18:30   Moravian Gallery in Brno –  Pražák palace 

    Refreshments provided by Café Biograf and Tavern at the Praguers.

  • 18:30 Guided tour of Kristián Németh's exhibition  Fait gallery

    Guided tour of the Warm Greetings exhibition with author Kristián Németh and curator Michal Stolárik

  • 18:30—21:00 Fairy tales, myths and stories told by Martin Hak, musical accompaniment Jiří Bouda (Kora – African harp) and Petr Cének (clatter, rhythms and noises on traditional African instruments) Diocesan Museum

    Programme in the pavilion

  • 18:30—19:00 Elemental show  VIDA! science centrum

    outdoor performance with experiments

  • 18:30 Jan Rajlich & Brno Biennial Moravian Gallery in Brno –  Governor’s Palace 

    guided tour of the exhibition with Jan Rajlich Jr

  • 18:30 Moravian Literature of the 19th – 20thCentury Museum of Romany Culture

  • 18:30—19:30 guided tour through the Black Fields Löw-Beer Villa

    (60 min)

  • 19:00—20:00 Commented tour of the current exhibitions House of Arts Brno

    only in Czech

  • 19:00 Screening of the film “JOHAN GREGOR MENDEL – a permanent challenge" Mendel Museum of Masaryk University

    Programme Mendelianum

  • 19:00—19:50 Theatre KUFR – Dr. Kuželka a Aduši /  Schrattenbach Palace​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ – Central Library​​​​​​​ Jiří Mahen Library in Brno 

    comedy circus performance. Starring: Dáša Heiland Trávníková and Adéla Kratochvílová

  • 19:00 Brno Observatory and Planetarium Moravian Gallery in Brno –  Pražák palace 

    observing the night sky with astronomical telescopes.

    South-west Bastion

  • 19:00 Poet's evening PRAHA - BRNO – summer poetry with Czech and Moravian poets   Mahen Memorial Jiří Mahen – Library in Brno 

    16th year in Mahen's Memorial. In memory of Pavel Herot, a poet from Martínkov. Starring: Alena Riedlova and her guests

  • 19:00—19:30 Temporary exhibition Diocesan Museum

    Petr Veselý

  • 19:00—23:00 Kostnice u sv. Jakuba (Ossuary underneath the Church of St. James) Brno Underground

    Jakubské Square

    20% discount on admission fee

    Open: 19:00–23.00, last admission at 22:00

    Tour every 30 minutes

    With the skeletal remains of more than 50,000 deceased, the ossuary underneath the Church of St. James is the second-largest ossuary in Europe after the Catacombs of Paris.

  • 19:00—23:00 Mincmistrovský sklep (Mint Master’s Cellar) Brno Underground

    Dominican Square 1

    20% discount on admission fee

    Open: 19:00–23:00, last admission at 22:00

    Explore the history of minting in the cellar beneath the Dominican Square.

  • 19:00—23:00 Labyrint pod Zelným trhem (Labyrinth underneath Zelný trh) Brno Underground

    Zelný trh 21

    20% discount on admission fee

    Open: 19:00–23:00, last admission at 22:00 

    Tour every 30 minutes

    A nearly one-kilometer-long labyrinth of medieval corridors and cellars.

  • 19:10—22:00 People and Minerals The Podhorácké Museum

    Temporary exhibition

  • 19:10—22:00 Strollers The Podhorácké Museum

    Temporary exhibition

  • 19:10 Tours of the Parish Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary The Podhorácké Museum

  • 19:10—22:00 Catholic Educational Unity under the Protection of St. Joseph The Podhorácké Museum

    Temporary exhibition

  • 19:10—22:00 History and Present of the Porta coeli Monastery The Podhorácké Museum

  • 19:10—22:00 Minerals in the Tišnov Region) The Podhorácké Museum

  • 19:10—22:00 Paleontology and Mineralogical System The Podhorácké Museum

  • 19:10—22:00 Bourgeois Residential Interior from the Turn of the 19th and 20th Centuries The Podhorácké Museum

  • 19:10 Virtual Tour of the Porta Coeli Monastery The Podhorácké Museum

  • 19:30 Guided tour of Petr Veselý's exhibition Fait gallery

    Guided tour of the exhibition Knife in the Cupboard with author Petr Veselý and curator Barbora Kundračíková

  • 19:30 Guided tour of the Exhibition People and Minerals The Podhorácké Museum

    Guided tours start at 7.30PM, 8.30PM, 9.30PM

  • 19:45 Guided tour of the Strollers Exhibition The Podhorácké Museum

    Guided tours start at 7.45PM, 8.45PM, 9.45PM

  • 19:50—20:00 Dance studio performance NO FEET  Schrattenbach Palace​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ – Central Library​​​​​​​ Jiří Mahen Library in Brno 

    tap dance, street dance, jazz dance

  • 20:00—20:50 Theatre Faculty JAMU – Go into world with me!   Schrattenbach Palace​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ – Central Library​​​​​​​ Jiří Mahen Library in Brno 

    3rd year students of the musical performance under the direction of Dada Klementová and students of the Department of the Deaf in cooperation with Hands Dance Studio under the direction of Radka Kulichová

  • 20:00—20:30 Elemental show  VIDA! science centrum

    outdoor performance with experiments

  • 20:00—21:00 Commented tour on the history of the space in front of the House of Arts Brno House of Arts Brno

    only in Czech

  • 20:00 Introductory lecture to the permanent exhibition Brno, a Suburb of Vienna Moravian Gallery in Brno –  Governor’s Palace 

  • 20:00—23:00 The program for the exhibition RE_PREZENTATION 2021 House of the Lords of Kunštát

     will be detailed soon...

  • 20:00 Temporary exhibition Mendel Museum of Masaryk University

    Enchanted by Africa

  • 20:00—21:30 chill out zone with DJ Moravian Gallery in Brno –  Governor’s Palace 

  • 20:30—21:30 guided tour through the Black Fields Löw-Beer Villa

  • 20:30 Historical Benedictine library Museum of Romany Culture

  • 20:30—21:15 View of Brno at night / Open only weather permitting. Moravian Gallery in Brno –  Governor’s Palace 

    Southern Terrace

  • 20:45—21:15 The Museum Night at the Strom Art Gallery  Museum of Romany Culture

    ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Museum Night at the Strom Art Gallery on Saturday 18/5/2019 will bring you a party with musical interventions by Martin Dominik Kratochvíl and a series of guided tours with the artist and the exhibition curator.

    Start at 19.00.

    We are looking forward to see you!

  • 20:50—21:00 Dance studio performance NO FEET   Schrattenbach Palace​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ – Central Library​​​​​​​ Jiří Mahen Library in Brno 

  • 21:00—22:00 Brno band Okno  Schrattenbach Palace​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ – Central Library​​​​​​​ Jiří Mahen Library in Brno 

    four actors, four classmates and four original voices. Enjoy czech texts, special presentation and a unique experience.

  • 21:00 movie in the garden  Löw-Beer Villa

  • 21:00 During the night access to the private chapel in the Bishop's Court Mendel Museum of Masaryk University

    Programme Mendelianum
  • 21:00—21:30 Elemental show  VIDA! science centrum

    outdoor performance with experiments

  • 21:00—24:00 Light installation House of Arts Brno

    From dusk to midnight. The site of the fountain in front of the House of Arts Brno will be enlivened with an original light installation by Tomáš Plachký with illustrations by Romana Horáková

  • 21:00—21:30 Musical-art workshop for children Diocesan Museum

  • 21:00 Guided tour of David Možný's exhibition Fait gallery

    Guided tour of the Blink of an Eye exhibition with author David Možný and curator Pavel Švec

  • 21:30 The Study of the Poet Josef Suchý Museum of Romany Culture

  • 21:30—23:30 Experiment of Dr. Weisenstein Moravian Gallery in Brno –  Governor’s Palace 

    experiential programme with fantasy elements introducing visitors to the history of the Governor's Palace / limited number of seats, reservations via GoOut server

  • 22:00—23:00 LiStOVáNí  - a stage reading with Lukáš Hejlík Schrattenbach Palace​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ – Central Library​​​​​​​ Jiří Mahen Library in Brno